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impm&Japan,International masters for managers Japan module 2019 is held at Yokohama National University

IMPM’s first Module in Japan: 1996 in Tokyo
The International Masters Program for Managers (IMPM)'s first intake of participants (Cycle 1) experienced the Collaborative Mindset Module at Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo. It was led by Professors Ikujiro Nonaka and Hiroyuki Itami.

Recent Collaboration in Japan
Cycle 24 started in May 2022 at Lancaster University in Northern England, with three participants from Japan (two from Panasonic and one from Fujitsu). The Collaborative Mindset module for Cycle 24 is scheduled to be held in-person at YNU and nearby venues in May/June 2023. This will be YNU’s third time hosting this 10-day module. For Cycle 22, the module was held in-person in May/June 2019. For Cycle 23, the module was held online from April to June, 2021.
Japan is a natural fit with the Collaborative Mindset Module.
Japanese organizations have pioneered new ways of working together that have spread around the world. Working in harmony with the natural environment has also been a traditional strength of Japanese culture, which the world needs to rediscover now more than ever.

The Team
The Graduate School of International Social Sciences is committed to creating a fruitful learning environment for all participants. The Module’s Co-Directors are Kentaro Iijima (Cycle 1 graduate) and Daniel Heller (Professor, Chuo University). Key faculty members at YNU include, Professors Seiji Manabe (Dean), Hiroshi Morita (former Dean, and Special Assistant to the University President), Satoru Otaka, and Associate Professor Kodo Yokozawa. Key support staff are Minjin Ota (Program Coordinator), Thomas Tatsumi (supporter, Cycle 6 graduate), Takafumi Nakamura (supporter, Cycle 6 graduate), Kazuyasu Adachi (supporter, Cycle 8 graduate) and Akiko Sakakibara, who heads the International/External Programs Office of the Graduate School of International Social Sciences (GSISS) at YNU. For Japanese participant recruitment, we have partnered with Nao Shigemitsu at J.Feel.

The Five Mindsets
Lancaster University (UK)
– The Reflective Mindset, Managing Self
McGill University (Canada)
– The Analytical Mindset, Managing Organizations
YNU (Japan)
– The Collaborative Mindset, Managing Relationships
FGV- Ebape (Brazil)
– The Action Mindset, Managing Change
IIMB (India)
– The Worldly Mindset, Managing Context

Company Visits and Site Visits
In the Module, participants will visit Japanese companies and other sites to get a direct look at examples of collaboration within and across organizations The visits will be highly interactive, with ample opportunity to explore how people can work together more effectively.

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Please refer the IMPM website for further information: https://impm.org/

Companies in Japan:

If you are interested in exploring sending managers to participate in IMPM, please contact the International/External Programs Office at GSISS, YNU.
E-Mail: bsipo[at]ynu.ac.jp
Phone: 045-339-3617
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Individuals in Japan:

If you are considering applying to IMPM, please contact the program’s central office via the IMPM website.

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The Collaborative Mindset
Working with others is how we get done much of what we do. Yet how do people and organizations create the space that allows us to build relationship and work together productively? We will explore this question over the 10-day program and see what we can learn together in Japan.
As in the other modules, individual and group reflection will feature prominently in the Collaborative Mindset Module. We will tap into Japan's rich heritage of careful introspection to promote peaceful relationships between people and with the environment around us.

Yokohama National University
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